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Dira Paes, Filó within the plot, truly cooks in lots of scenes – to the delight of the group. Photograph: João Miguel Jr.

Probably the most iconic scenes from wetland, a novel by Bruno Luperi proven by Rede Globo and a remake of the 1990 work by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, Luperi’s grandfather, was carried out by the joker Eugênio (Almir Sater) and the boy Trindade (Gabriel Sater). Father and son in actuality each carried out a good looking duel of guitars, which had as a background a Pantanal-style barbecue held on the farm by José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira). “I used to be proud to see this scene. Grilling, music and residing across the fireplace is one thing that occurs loads within the Pantanal,” feedback Mato Grosso do Sul chef and researcher Paulo Machado, creator of the e book. Pantanal delicacies: entourage of flavorsprinted by Bei.

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Amongst breathtaking landscapes, legends reminiscent of the girl who turns right into a jaguar and the previous man who turns into an anaconda, Pantanal recipes seem earlier than the eyes and whet the urge for food of viewers of the cleaning soap opera at 9 o’clock. Begins with the grill itself, which is present in some scenes of wetland.All of it begins with an oblong gap that opens into the bottom. As an alternative of charcoal, logs of angico-wood are burned there, which supplies the meat a smoky style – the massive distinction between swamp grill. And on high of that, there’s a picket construction that serves to help the skewers, even these made from wooden.

Entourage pasta, which is part of the oblique break, a meal to give energy to pedestrians.

Entourage pasta, which is a part of the indirect break, a meal to present power to pedestrians. Photograph: Higor Maranho

Actually, meat is the principle character in pantanal kitchen and happens in varied kinds within the native recipe. Through the procession, the place the peonies drive the cattle by means of the farms within the area, they create with them imperishable efforts reminiscent of dried meat, rice, beans, pasta and a fats, which is the idea for stable recipes reminiscent of. wagon rice and entourage noodles – in some scenes within the novel it’s potential to see the peonies Tibério (Guito) and Tadeu (José Loreto) with a plate in a single hand, a spoon within the different, devouring these recipes.

“These dishes are a part of the indirect break. That is what the peonies eat round half previous three within the morning, to present them power to do the work within the countryside, ”says Mirica Vianna, the cleaning soap’s artwork producer. Along with the director group, she traveled to the Pantanal in January final 12 months searching for locations and references to recreate a number of the situations from the cleaning soap opera at Globo Studios in Rio de Janeiro – solely the outer scenes are recorded in locomotives.

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The kitchens on the headquarters of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) and Tenório (Murilo Benício) undoubtedly obtained particular consideration from the cleaning soap opera’s artwork group. And what’s cooked there was impressed by his analysis with the cooks on the Pantanal farms. “Within the scenes across the desk, we all the time put chipa, a form of drier cheese bread within the type of a horseshoe, along with the Paraguayan soup, which is a salted corn cake, that are two typical dishes of the area,” he explains to her, referring to recipes which can be influenced of Bolivia and Paraguay, bordering Mato Grosso do Sul.

Chipa, one of the icons of the Pantanal kitchen.

Chipa, one of many icons of the Pantanal kitchen. Photograph: Luna Garcia

One other element within the scenes is the pottery made by Terena’s indigenous folks, native to the area, with a reddish hue and white drawings, that are proven throughout the meal scenes. “The meals ready at tapera de Juma (Alanis Guillen), quite simple preparations with few elements, have been impressed by Terena’s kitchen,” explains the cleaning soap producer.

A lot of the scenes of the actress Dira Paes, who performs the character Filó within the cleaning soap opera, are within the kitchen. Dira, a full-fledged chef in actual life, places her fingers full within the scenes and shares a few of these moments on her social networks. “As a result of there’s a wooden range and oven within the surroundings, she typically cooks for actual,” says Mirica. On stage, Dira has already ready carreteiro rice, cake, sausage farofa with eggs, salty pies and even cheesecake with guava pasta – all devoured by the group afterwards.

“Through the filming, the odor of the meals surrounds everybody and offers a fact to the scenes,” the actress believes. She even arranges with Leticia Galm, who’s Mirica’s assistant, what dishes she will cook dinner in sure scenes. “Meals provides motion to Filó, Dira’s character, who’s a lady for whom life is on that farm, it’s to feed the person she loves a lot, her son and everybody who lives in that surroundings. It’s for sure one of many methods she makes use of to indicate affection “, analyzes Mirica.

Tereré, made with the same herb as mate, but with cold water.

Tereré, made with the identical herb as mate, however with chilly water. Photograph: Luna Garcia

On the beverage facet, tereré is one among Pantanal’s icons. It’s the identical yerba mate as mate, solely consumed with chilly water within the Pantanal – all to do with the burning local weather of the area. And you may get reinforcement from lemon drops and mint leaves. The herb is positioned contained in the guampa, a cup made from ox horn, which is stuffed with ice water. Afterwards, you’ll be able to drink it with the assistance of a pump, a steel straw with an infusion system – José Leôncio (Palmeira) and the farm staff all the time present up in firm with their guampa and bottle of chilly water.

“We ordered a gourd with the initials JL from a neighborhood craftsman, for the character José Leôncio,” says Mirica. The actor Marcos Palmeira, who additionally participated within the first model of the cleaning soap opera, turned so hooked on the drink that he purchased a bottle only for himself and even in his free days he goes up and down in firm together with his tereré. Loreto and Guito additionally share this predilection for the drink.

Chef Paulo Machado has his terre.

Chef Paulo Machado has his terre. Photograph: Luna Garcia

Immigration additionally left its legacy within the kitchen of the south-mato-grossense pantanal. Though the novel doesn’t depict this facet of the Pantanal delicacies, the Japanese affect, particularly from Okinawa, can be hanging within the area. “The Okinawans arrived in Campo Grande (MS) within the Nineteen Seventies and took with them soba, which in the present day is taken into account the standard dish within the capital Mato Grosso do Sul,” explains Jean Haddad, who runs the restaurant. sobaria within the capital of São Paulo.

Based mostly on buckwheat noodles immersed in a broth, the dish obtained a brand new model within the capital Mato Grosso do Sul. As an alternative of pork, it’s served with sliced ​​beef and omelette. Haddad who hopes that the dish shall be proven someday within the cleaning soap opera. “When prospects come to dinner, they ask that the TV be turned on for the cleaning soap opera. It’s a success, he says.

Machado has additionally felt the aftermath of the cleaning soap opera. “It has not solely helped to attract the general public’s consideration to the cultural options of the Pantanal, the connection we’ve got with the music, with the weather of the border and with our kitchen, nevertheless it has been some time since I noticed a cleaning soap opera that had a relationship so near the Brazilian folks. “” The chef and the researcher state. It stays to be seen which dishes will nonetheless be included within the novel, however that’s the stage for the approaching chapters.

similar to the novel

Did you are feeling like making an attempt a number of the dishes that pop up within the cleaning soap opera? Situated within the Market Place mall Strong expertisean interactive place devoted to Globo channels and packages, additionally homes a bistro, the place you’ll be able to style some menus impressed by the community’s very profitable cleaning soap operas, reminiscent of. Brazil Avenue, Indies approach and Chocolate with pepper. And final month, the nine-soap additionally obtained a menu to name its personal.

Ready by chef Alex Fediczko, the menu contains pumpkin dumplings with jerky served with French dressing for starters, Carreteiro rice (with jerked beef, smoked sausage, peppers, tomatoes, parsley and onion chips) as a major course, along with oven-baked chocolate with almond praline and apricot jam (110 R $ , per particular person). “I used to be impressed by the regional Brazilian delicacies, by the elements which can be present in on a regular basis life, along with the dishes which can be eaten when purchasing for beef,” explains Fediczko, who’s answerable for the menus within the gastronomic areas at gexperience. The house nonetheless homes a number of the costumes from the Pantanal, reminiscent of the garments of the farmer Quim (Renato Teixeira), a personality from the primary part of the cleaning soap opera.

Lambari do Pantanal, from the restaurant Urus, in São Paulo.

Lambari do Pantanal, from the restaurant Urus, in São Paulo. Photograph: Tadeu Brunelli

Impressed by Pantanal’s flavors, Italian chef Massimo Battaglini, from the newly opened Urus restaurant, belonging to the Jamy Group, from Cuiabá (MT). However he made an expedition within the second Pantanal, that of Mato Grosso, which brings collectively the biomes Cerrado, Pantanal and Amazon. Battaglini and chef Victor Naddeo, who additionally indicators the menu, have been impressed by native elements to design the signature menu. “I used to be impressed by the delicacy of Pintado, which is a freshwater fish,” he says, presenting a Pinto tartare served with fried rice paper (R $ 64). One other icon for the area is the piranha, which has gained a fame for devouring some characters from the Pantanal. As an alternative of serving it within the type of sashimi and stew, which is typical of the area, Battaglini presents a capeletti of piranha (R $ 69) – the meat acts as a filling for the dough and a base for the broth. “We simply don’t use the ‘smile’,” jokes the chef.

the place to strive?

Three addresses within the capital São Paulo the place yow will discover Pantanal dishes and elements


The restaurant underneath Jean Haddad’s command has as its flagship soba, one of many icons of the delicacies of Campo Grande (MS). Chipan (R $ 36) and okinawa sobá, with buckwheat pasta dipped in sizzling broth, served with filet mignon, omelette and chives (R $ 49) are a number of the highlights on the menu. R. Luís Góis, 1559, Mirandópolis.


The newly opened restaurant within the capital São Paulo has the kitchen underneath the command of cooks Victor Naddeu and Italian Massimo Battaglini. Impressed by the biomas Cerrado, Pantanal and Amazon present in Mato Grosso, the menu contains recommendations reminiscent of cappelletti in brodo de piranha (R $ 69). Vatican Sq., 321, Jardim Europa.

Strong expertise

The globe channels’ multisensory house homes a bistro, the place it’s potential to style completely different dishes impressed by cleaning soap operas. The Pantanal menu (R $ 110, three dishes) incorporates recommendations ready by chef Alex Fediczko, reminiscent of Carreteiro rice, with jerky, smoked sausage, peppers, tomatoes, inexperienced aroma and crispy onions. Of. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 902, Vila Cordeiro (Buying Market Place).

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